SK, SKE and SKP adaptive system roller shutters are designed mainly for retro-fitting. The advantage of these products is their suitability for retro-fitting, as they do not require special preparations for installation and are not integrated with a particular window. Therefore, the decision to install adaptive system roller shutters may be taken at any given time. These systems may be fitted into window joinery (in a niche) or directly onto walls. In the first case, half-oval SKP boxes are recommended, as they provide a perfect combination with the front elevation, or SK and SKE systems (together with an extruded box), in which the box is bevelled at a 45° angle.

The roller shutter screen usually consists of profiles made of high-quality aluminium sheeting, filled with polyurethane foam, and specially varnished with double coats in PU/PA system. This gives them improved resistance to abrasion and the influence of atmospheric conditions. The product range also includes more rigid and stable profiles made of extruded aluminium and plastic profiles. Adaptive roller shutter systems allow integration with mosquito screens. This comprehensive solution guarantees effective protection against insects in the summer and secures the interiors in terms of heat loss in winter.

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