A new product has arrived among the Yawal front systems — FA 50N A overlapping system.

The solution is based on a widely known and highly valued base front system — FA 50N. Its structure makes it possible to design and construct light mullion and transom curtain walls fitted to wooden or steel building support structures.

This combination results in durable, tight and aesthetic curtain walls that screen the internal architectonic structure.

– can be used on front elevation and skylights,
– features a rich range of setting and masking strips,
– can be constructed with a semi-structured layer (SL),
– superb thermal insulation of 0.6 W/m K for front elevation and 0.8 W/m K for semi-structured layer,
– is extremely water-tight,
– features a wide range of glazing,
– has one profile per mullion and transom,
– can be combined with other Yawal systems,
– features accessories shared with the base FA 50N system,
– profile prefabricated by Yawal S.A.,
– is easy to install.