Fingerprint scanner - Bewi

The ekey access control system is a No. 1 solution in Europe. Autonomous fingerprint access control systems allow you to secure your home with the touch of a finger. An extraordinarily convenient solution — you will never lose your door key again or forget the garage door code. One device makes it possible to control even up to 4 chosen systems. Choose the solution that best fits the needs of your family.

The ekey system advantages:
– unparalleled comfort — you will never forget your keys again,
– top level of security, maximum level of protection,
– user-friendliness, easy installation and usage,
– smart software
– 5 years of warranty.

The unique ekey system is simplicity of installation combined with everyday convenience of use. The ideal solution for your home. The unique design matches every interior. Use the fingerprint scanner and secure the most important places. Everyday use of the ekey system is exceptionally easy and intuitive, so even the youngest and the oldest users will get on just fine.