Roller shutters in flush-mounted SP and SP-E systems are designed, above all, for application in new constructions; however, after making necessary modifications to the lintel, the products may be also be retro-fitted. The planned application of this type of solution and installation method at the building design stage allows for a more effective use of their functional advantages.

The SP-E system was designed first and foremost to provide protection against heat loss. Highly acclaimed, especially by the Passivhaus Institut (passive house institute) in Darmstadt, which issued a recommendation for employing both solutions for boxes of 165 mm and smaller in passive buildings. The prerequisite condition is, above all, proper installation in a pre-insulated lintel, according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Additionally, window joinery should comply with the right specifications, e.g.: the Uw overall heat-transfer coefficient should be lower than 0.80 W/(m2K) and Ug windowpane coefficient should not exceed 0.70 W/(m2K). An additional advantage of flush-mounted roller shutters is the possibility of including an independently operating mosquito screen, which also provides protection against insects.

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